Posted by: Joolz2u | February 9, 2009

Cosmic Justice?

This is my horoscope today:

Virgo Horoscope
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A friend is likely to show up with some rather sheepish apologies today. Turns out you were right in some political or social discussion that they took a little too seriously. The best thing to do is accept the apology with grace and humility. An “I told you so” could backfire.

I had to save it for posterity, because as much as I wish for it to come to pass, I don’t think any true believers will have come around so quickly. I’ve seen signs of discontent. Small grumblings. Defensive puzzlement. But as far as I know, none of my friends in Obama Nation have taken off the rose-colored glasses as of yet.

The only one I can imagine being contrite on the subject is my husband. He didn’t exactly vote for Obama as much as he voted for “Not-The-Republicans”. As much as I had no problem with Sarah Palin, she was far too conservative for him. The Democratic shrieking about “The Supreme Court!!!!!” deafened him to reason. But yesterday when he read about the Executive Order funneling $20 million into Gaza for “humanitarian relief and migration”, he got very quiet, and very angry.

“He does realize Hamas is a terrorist organization, right?” he asked me.

“One would hope,” was all I could reply.

It was one of those things about which we argued pre-election: my steadfast belief that Obama would hesitate to assist Israel and would ultimately betray our most steadfast ally in the region. I didn’t think it would come this quickly, but I’m not surprised by it in the least.

Everyone assured me post-election, “Hey, he picked Rahm Emmanuel! That’s good for Israel!” People seemed to think that that the Chief of Staff, essentially the Executive Office Manager, would influence Obama’s agenda regarding Israel. So let me ask, then, just where is Israel’s $20 million humanitarian aid package? 8 years of non-stop shelling have certainly taken their toll on southern Israel, not to mention all the innocent people who have died via suicide bombers and border-infiltrating murderers. I guess they don’t matter in Obama’s world.

But I digress. I’m saving this horoscope and pulling it out every time someone finally sees what I saw during the primary season: The Emperor has no clothes.



  1. most people have no idea of that executive order. I found out about on No Quarter and was shocked.



  2. I followed a link at The Confluence and my jaw dropped. If it hadn’t been posted at the official White House website, my hubby wouldn’t have believed it.

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