Posted by: Joolz2u | May 7, 2009

David Souter and the Supremes!

Sorry, I just cracked myself up at the thought of Justice David Souter dressed as Diana Ross caressing the microphone and cooing, “Baby, baby, where did our love go?” But no, not those Supremes, the Supreme Court justices who will be bidding a sad (or fond, depending on political proclivities) farewell to their colleague, Justice Souter.

Of course, now we’ve all got this “Yearnin’, burnin’, yearnin’ ” question to ponder: Who will take his place? I can’t possibly guess at specific names, so I’ll go out on a (very short) limb: Obama will pick a minority woman who will also be socially conservative and pro-business. I don’t hold any illusions that Obama will pick a liberal. He’s not a liberal himself, why would he choose one? Nope. He will choose a socially conservative, pro-business minority woman because the media will shout from his pocket at how progressive he is to choose a woman and a minority, conveniently overlooking the rest of it.

It’s my prediction, and not much that I’ve believed about Obama has been wrong up to this point so… there it is. I hope I’m wrong this time. But I don’t think I am.



  1. hi just came across your blog & read some of your past post . i hope you keep wrighting

  2. Thanks! I appreciate the support. :o)

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